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Recordatorio: Combative Martial Arts Seminar 2010 el 20 de noviembre

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Queremos recalcar que el Combative Martial Arts Seminar 2010 se estará llevando acabo este sábado 20 de noviembre, según nos indican. Aquí les dejamos toda la información para que no les cuenten.

Combative Martial Arts Seminar 2010

Fecha: Sabado 20 de Noviembre de 2010


Lugar: Centro Cultural, Bo. Carrizales, Hatillo

Carr. #2 en la luz de Sams Club subir por la Ave. al lado de Sams. Un poco mas alante esta el Nuevo Centro Cultural a mano derecha.
Costos: $25.00 X 1 Clinica
2nda Clinica en adelante $15.00 ADICIONALES O $40.00 POR TODAS LAS CLINICAS.

Instructores Confirmados:

1era Clinica:


Luis Santiago BS, MBA, CQA has a Bachelor Degree in Chemistry and Master Degree in Business Administration (MBA). He is also a Certified Quality Auditor by the American Society of Quality Control with more than 13 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry Quality and Compliance Areas. This background has been the foundation for the ethics and quality in his teachings.

Quality must start at the source, Luis Santiago 2005.

Luis Santiago obtained his Blue Belt from the hands Gran Master Helio Gracie and Rorion Gracie (Founder of BJJ). In 2004 he obtained teaching credentials as Faixa Preta in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from the living legend Gran Master Flavio Behring converting Luis Santiago the first Puerto Rican to receive such privileged distinction. In 2007 Grand Master Flavio Behring awarded Prof. Luisinho (as known in the BJJ community) his 1er Grau in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. In 2009 Luis Santiago was recognized by Gran Master Carlinhos Gracies Jr., Grand Master Osvaldo Alves and Master Alvaro Mansur under the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation as 1st Degree Black Belt.

With over 13 years in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; Luis Santiago has competed in World Jiu-Jitsu Championships, Pan-American Championships, Prestigious Paulista Circuit, and International Submission Grappling tournaments. He is the first Puerto Rican to assembled, and lead a Puerto Rico Jiu Jitsu team to a world championship. In addition, has lead BJJ classes in the Meca of Modern Jiu Jitsu, Brazil. Has shared the mat and trained with Mixed Martial Arts and BJJ superstars such as Fabricio Werdum, Gabriel Gonzaga “Napao”, Thiago Silva, Mario Reis, Marcio Corletta and Jorge Patinho “Macaco”. Luis Santiago has trained and grapple in 4 continents; Germany (BJJ & Sambo), US (BJJ, MMA, Thai Boxing), Japan (BJJ, Judo, & Shooto), & Brazil (BJJ, Vale Tudo, & Thai Boxing).

In Puerto Rico, Luis Santiago gives instructions of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Self Defense and MMA to lawyers, engineers, teachers, doctors, entrepreneur, college professors, students, accountants, & many other professionals. He also teaches members of the Federal Law Enforcement Agencies. Luis Santiago has had the opportunity to train in schools in Japan, Germany, Mexico, United States, Europe, and Brazil.

2nda Clinica: Ajarn David “Thunder” Cummings – MUAY THAI

Beginning martial arts in 1972, and transitioning into kickboxing in 1984, David Cummings became a professional fighter at the age of 16. With experience competing in 43 countries, he has fought for some of the world’s most recognized organizations such as Pride, UWF International, K-1, Canal Plus, and StrikeForce to name just a few. Through his exceptional career and reputation, he has also earned the status of Representative for International Kickboxing Federation (IKF), United States Muay Thai Association (USMTA), and World KickBoxing Association (WKA). Utilizing his knowledge and experience, Ajarn Cummings has trained numerous amateurs and professionals for over 20 years to become World and National Champions. He has become known as one of North America’s Best trainers in Muay Thai and KickBoxing. His accomplishments include:

7 time Muay Thai World Champion

ShootBoxing World Champion

Full Contact World Champion

4 time KickBoxing World Champion

2 time Sport Karate World Champion-NBL

7th Degree Black Belt-American Karate

2nd Degree Black Belt-Mugendo

4th Degree Black Belt-Tae Kwon Do

3rd Degree-Kyokushinkai

Ajarn- Master Level in Muay Thai WMTC Certified

Division 1 College Wrestler

Head Coach United States Air Force Academy 8 years

Amateur Boxing record of 79-9

Pro record 154-49-2 with 72 KO’s

2010 WKA Hall of Fame Inductee (Living Legends Category)

3era Clinica: Master Felton Messina – NIHON KODEN SHINDO RYU KARATE DO

Master Messina began his practice of Karate-Do in the year 1966 while studying electrical engineering at the University of Puerto Rico, in the city of Mayagüez. He first started practicing Okinawan Kenpo Karate-Do. His first Master was Professor Edwin Hernandez, a native of Puerto Rico.

Under the supervision of Prof. Hernandez, Master Messina received his promotion to black belt (first Dan) in 1968; one year later he was graduated with a degree in electrical engineering. Upon graduation Master Messina returned to his homeland, the Dominican Republic.

He formed and presided over what is well known in the Dominican Republic as the Kenpo Karate-Do Association. That association gave the country many good exponents of Japanese Karate.

In 1974 Master Mamoru Matsunaga, then an 8th Dan in Judo and 3rd Dan in Karate, upon seeing the unselfish and serious work that Master Messina was doing for the Kenpo Association in the Dominican Republic, decided to bring So Shihan Hiroyuki Hamada, to the

Domincan Republic. As mentioned earlier, it was Master Hamada who had taught Karate to Master Matsunaga since his youth in Japan. It was in 1975 that So Shihan Hamada traveled throughout the Domincan Republic with his student, Kenji Moriyama, for one month to teach classes in Nihon Koden Shindo Ryu, the style which he had created.

A day before returning to Japan, So Shihan Hamada evaluated Master Messina by means of an exhausting exam and promoted him to 3rd Dan. From that moment on the Association for Shindo Ryu was formed in the Dominican Republic, which, in turn, ended the existence of the Kenpo Karate-do Association there.

Master Messina has traveled four times to Japan to practice with his master. In his first trip in 1977, he took Iaido classes under the supervision of Master Iwagoro Setoguchi, 7th Dan in the style of Muso Sinden Ryu. Master Messina along with two of his students reached the level of Shodan.

Master Messina has won various international tournaments in the area of Katas. He also has participated in 6 World Championships in the International Federation known as W.U.K.O (known today as WKF). In 1982, he became the only Dominican to be certified as a world judge in the International Federation, (W.U.K.O) world championships in Taiwan, R.O.C.

Master Messina introduced traditional Japanese Karate in the Dominican Republic. He was the promoter and the first president of the Dominican Federation of Karate, and has served as president of the Dominican Federation of Judo of Kodokan.

As the president of the Karate Federation, he was recognized by the Dominican Olympic Committee. The International Federation, W.U.K.O., also gave recognition to his school Nihon Koden Shindo Ryu in the Dominican Republic, which Professor Messina transferred to the Karate Federation over which he presides.

Master Messina introduced Karate as a sport to the Dominican Armed Forces. He organized the first International Karate Championship in the Dominican Republic, with the participation of 16 Latin-American, USA and Caribbean countries. In this tournament, Master Messina obtained the trophy of Grand Champion in Katas.

Since 1976 Master Messina has spread the Shindo Ryu style in the Americas, and has established honored schools in the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Cambodia and in five states of the United States.

Master Messina is proud to be the first Dominican to have reached the highest grade in the discipline of Karate-Do. He was promoted to 7th Dan in the presence of 10 of his students that had accompanied him to the City of Sendai, in Kagoshima Japan. There Master Hamada made him So Shihan on June 21, 1999. The So Shihan Rank given to Master Messina by the founder of the Nihon Koden Shindo Ryu empowers him to expand and lead Shindo Ryu around the world, except in the country of Japan itself.

4ta Clinica: Hanshi Carlos H. Montalvo: CLINICA DE DEFENSA TACTICAS
Rank: 9th Degree
Parting the clouds…Finding the way.

Hanshi Carlos H. Montalvo began his career in the Martial Arts during his early middle school years in the City of San Sebastian, Puerto Rico, where his father was the former City Police Chief. He practiced first Karate/Tae Kwon Do (1969) for a short period of time at the 4-H Club near his house. Later he practiced the Chinese style of Shaolin Tsu Kempo. His only brother began practicing Okinawa Kempo Karate Do under Sempai Luis Camara and Sensei Edwin Hernandez (a direct student of Toshimitsu Kina Naha, Okinawa). During this time, Hanshi Montalvo also practiced Boxing under Silverio Yeyo – Kid Salas, a former City Mayor at the same 4-H Club. Hanshi Montalvo joined his brother and both practiced Okinawa Kenpo Karate Do, later obtained black belt 1st and 2nd Degrees Black Belt under the guidance of Master William Hernandez.

On January 1974, both, opened their first Okinawa Kenpo dojo in San Sebastian, P.R. already Hanshi Montalvo was competing in Full Contact/Kick Boxing events in the Island making him one of the pioneer in that modality. In 1980, Master Hernandez and Hanshi Montalvo met and trained under Hawaiian Kenpo Karate Master Cecil Peoples (a direct student of Grand Master Bill Ryusaki, Van Nuys, California). Under Master Peoples, Hanshi Montalvo obtained 2nd and 3rd Degree Black Belt.

From 1974 to 1978, 80-81, Hanshi Montalvo was the Inter-American University, San German, Campus Physical Education/Martial Arts Professor, Team Coach and Team Captain. Hanshi Montalvo traveled to Connecticut from 1978-79 to study at Yale Univ. and the Univ. of Conn. Psychology Dept. Postgraduate courses. During that time, he taught Karate and Full Contact seminars at the Eastern Conn. State College and at the Windham Youth Center for disturbed youngsters. Upon his return to the Island, he competed in most of the major tournaments and established himself as one of the top fighters in the Caribbean. He was interviewed by many sport magazines and acted as bodyguard of many celebrities during their visits to the Island to include: Peter Frampton, Lou Ferrigno, Jose Feliciano, Jose Jose and Menudo. Hanshi Montalvo due to work related commitments in 1984 left the Island leaving a well established group of black belts in PR.

On April 1984, he moved to Miami, Florida to work as a Special Agent of the then US Treasury Department, Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms. During this time, he met and began a long lasting relationship with Grand Master Manny Saavedra founder of the World Sansei Goju- Ryu Karate Organization (WSGRKO), Hanshi Montalvo was tested to the ranks of 4th, 5th, 6th Degrees and later promoted to the 7th Dan in 1995 and 8th Dan in 2000. During his tenure in Florida, he became a member of the Internationally rated Miami Vice Karate Team and retired undefeated after four (4) years of competition. Hanshi Montalvo was the WSGRKO Vice-President in charge of approximately 200 black belts from the Caribbean and South America and later the President of WSGRKO in charge of over 400 black belts worldwide. At the end of 2000, then Kyoshi Montalvo with Hanshi Saavedras blessing, left Sansei and Founded the Rônin Goju Ryu Kai World Karate Organization, (a Goju-Ryu based karate style), also the International Rônin Martial Arts Federation (a Federation composed of different styles martial arts organizations) and finally the Rônin Police Defensive Tactics Association (an association composed martial arts instructors and/or assistant instructors who are Sworn Law Enforcement Officers from Local, State, Federal and Military LE Agencies that attempt to improve their tactical operations techniques through the proper use of the latest martial arts survival techniques adapted to the police enviroment. These three organizations presently are composed of approx. 500 members from approx. 14 countries.

During his martial arts career Hanshi Montalvo has been inducted into the following Halls of Fame: 1994 World Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Silver Life Achievement Award, 1995 Latin America Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Life Achievement Award, 2000 International Ju Jitsu Hall of Fame as Federal Law Enforcement Instructor of the Year, 2002 Florida Black Belt Association Hall of Fame as One of the Best Middle Weight Fighter of the FBBA History and 2002 Florida Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Grand Master of the Year. Also October 2000 he received Puerto Ricos Twentieth Century Martial Arts Excellence Award as the Most Outstanding PR Competitor. He was also inducted into the Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame. Hanshi Montalvo retired from active competition 1996 with an outstanding record of 380 tournaments winning top three positions in 360 of them. Presently Hanshi Montalvo is the World Police and Fire Games and International Police Olympics, State and World Champion, having competed in many of them. In 2006 Hanshi Montalvo won the Master Division in Kata and Kumite of the Battle of Colombus, Ohio and during the same year hecelebrated his 50th birthday by placing 3rd in Kumite in the Master Division at the largest wotld tournament, US Open Martial Arts Championships Disney, Florida. In 2007 he won the Grand Champion in Kata at the Florida Cosmopolitan Tournament and Hall of Fame in Orlando, Florida.

Hanshi Montalvo has been the PR and USA National Kumite Champion, the Florida State Champion and PR National Full Contact Karate Champion. As an Amateur and Profesional Full Contact fighter his record was 36 fights, 33wins, with 31 knock outs.

Hanshi Montalvo is considered in Puerto Rico as one of the Pioneers of Karate and appears in the First PuertoRican Martial Arts Encyclopedia titled PR Karate Pioneers and Legends written by Dr. Hector Sotomayor – Kyoshi. On February 2003, the Okinawa Karate Federation recognized Carlos H. Montalvo with the rank of 8th Dan and the title of Kyoshi as well as recognizing the Ronin Goju Ryu Kai as a legitimate martial arts style of karate. On March 2003, Hanshi Montalvo was recognized by a group of peers/grandmasters in Puerto Rico, as one of the Pioneers and/or Legends of the Martial Arts in the Westside of the Island.

Hanshi Montalvo is a Certified LE Close Quarters Combat Instructor, Safety & Survival Tactical Instructor, Advanced Undercover Techniques Instructor, SRT-SWAT Instructor, Street Alertness Instructor, Counter-Terrorism Instructor and he is presently a Peer Support Team member and a Crisis Negotiator for the Special Response Team (SRT), US Department of Justice. Hanshi Montalvo has conducted Martial Arts as well as Law Enforcement seminars all over the world, receiving numerous commendations to include Key of the City from at least 7 cities around the world for a job well done. He was responsible along with Ronin Goju Ryu Kyoshi Phil Davis for teaching Martial Arts (for the first time ever) at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), Glynco, Ga. (Largest Federal Law Enforcement Training Facilities in the US).

He is a loving father and a self-defense instructor who loves teaching little ones around the world about the benefits of Karate and the spirit of competition and self-control. Hanshi Montalvo had participated in protection details of at least 5 US Presidents (Reagan, Carter, Clinton, Bush G & Bush G.W.) and three other presidents from the Caribbean and Central America.

Hanshi Montalvo presently resides in the U.S. where he teach and continues his Bushido now as a Rônin Warrior.

Tae Kwon Do

Okinawan Kempo Karate Do

Hawaiian Kenpo Karate

Sansei Goju Ryu Karate Do

Ronin Goju Ryu Kai World Karate Organization

Para mas informacion:

Tels: (939) 350-8756 – Shihan Lopez

Esperamos contar con su presencia al igual que la de sus alumnos.

Shihan Freddy Lopez
Prof. Luis Santiago
Sensei Marcia Lasalle

Info: Email: shihan.f.lopez@hotmail.com
Tels: (787) 452-8207 / (939) 350-8756 / (787) 435-7299

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